Samsung Galaxy S4 Haters Eat Your Heart Out, Samsung Reveals Octa-Exynos

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At the Samsung keynote yesterday, the technology company had announced their latest addition of the Exynos 5 processor family. The new processor comes with a pair of quad core chips to ensure that users enjoy performance that is superior along with battery life that is better.

Octa-core chip debuts, Samsung Galaxy S4 missing

The Exynos 5 Octa processor has been based on the ARM big.LITTLE/Cortex A15 architecture and Samsung have said that it brings twice the performance in tests for 3D gaming when compared to the competitors out there.

The question now is what device will be the first to have the chip? Will we see it in the Samsung Galaxy S4, which will be coming out later in the year? At the moment Samsung are keeping quiet about this, however there is no doubt that this is a very exciting time for processors for mobile phones as there are also new ones from Qualcomm and Nvidia.

On the topic of the Samsung Galaxy S4, if you’ve been following rumors from earlier last year, there were talks about the handset getting an 8-core chip however many tech gurus through the speculations of an octa chip out the window. Well it looks like such a chip does exist and adds a lot of weight to the Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors.

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