Samsung Galaxy S4 Has Unbreakable Display? Challenge Accepted

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Analysts are now saying that when the Samsung Galaxy S4 is revealed next year it will come with an unbreakable display that will be unbreakable. Samsung are the leaders in the development of flexible displays of OLED technology and the analyst believes that the company will begin to manufacture them in volume very soon.

More Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors emerge

This could also be in line with reports that Samsung may accelerate the launch of the Galaxy handset, and we could see the Samsung Galaxy S4 around April of next year. The Samsung Galaaxy S3 was revealed in May of this year.

There have also been rumours going around about the new Samsung Galaxy S4 coming equipped with a camera of 13 megapixels and the display could be 1080p with 441ppi. It is thought that the S4 currently has the codename Project J.

Of course the Samsung Galaxy S4 is some time away yet but there is excitement growing over the unbreakable display rumor. Now before you take this as a challenge to see if you can prove Samsung wrong, don’t be fooled by its name. Because it is a bendable plastic instead of a rigid glass screen it is more durable. It isn’t really unbreakable!

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