Samsung Galaxy Phones May Smell Too Good To Be True Very Soon

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Samsung have a passion for scented phone patents. This will be the third time that they have got a patent, but this one is slightly different. It appears to be a refilling station that is built into a charging dock.

Samsung acquires another patent for scented smartphones

This would be to ensure that when the user sits the handset in the dock to charge the aromatic sponge in the body of the handset is also charged with scent.

One thing to note is that it isn’t a passive scented strip or even a spray mechanism. It is in fact some type of absorbent material that is heated. This is either from the phone’s battery or a circuit which is triggered by an alert. This may mean that when you get a call, the handset blasts out and fills the air with a scent.

The big question is would you want a phone that blasts out a scent under the nostrils every time that you held it up to take a call and if so would it come with different scents just like LED notification colors?

All we can gather is that Samsung plans on using this scent technology in its devices very soon. Could the Samsung Galaxy S4 become the first scented technology smartphone? We can’t wait to find out.

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