[PICS] Samsung Galaxy S4 Is An S3 On “Beast Mode”, 3GB RAM Tipped

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most sought after handsets of 2012 and six months after it release it is as popular as ever. However there is a rumour that the device will be reinvented very early next year and that Samsung will be raising the stakes much higher for the release of the Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors fire up

There were rumours going around that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 would be released in March of 2013. However there were quickly dampened by Samsung before it could affect the sales of its current flagship. But it does seem that they are working on their phones for next year and the S4 could come with 3GB of RAM.

Sammobile have posted leaked images that have shown test handsets that have 3GB stickers on them, however whether these are the S4 are anyone’s guess. If it is then it could be that Samsung want to up the amount of RAM as they are improving the software and adding in new features. As we already know, the Samsung Galaxy S3 with its 2GB RAM sits above just about every other smartphone on the market sans the LG Optimus G.

If Samsung is putting 3GB of RAM into handsets, then surely this would only be for flagship models, such as the Galaxy S line up. With the Samsung Galaxy S4 expected to launch first (before the Note 2), is why the below picture is assumed to be the S4.

Let’s just hope this is not just about bragging rights and that it will actually come in useful for new features. There have also been reports of Samsung working on a new 13 megapixel camera with an illuminated back sensor.

Is this the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Is this the Samsung Galaxy S4?

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