As iPhone 5 Catches Up To S3, Roadblock Spotted Ahead

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With Apple having resolved production issues with the iPhone 5 and putting an end to shortages, the latest generation Apple phone has become readily available in most parts of the world.

iPhone 5 may get sandwiched by Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4 sooner than expected

Given that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has had a headstart over the iPhone 5 thanks to hitting the market almost 6 months ahead of the iPhone, it is now Apple’s chance to continue with building up sales in hopes that it may regain the lost bestseller title that was once held by the iPhone 4S.

However it looks like the iPhone 5 may see some roadblocks ahead if rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S4 launching as early as February prove true. In what many have said was a way to stifle the growing dominance of the iPhone again, Samsung released a test video ahead of CES to get the rumor mill going on about the Samsung Galaxy S4 again.

The video promised “something new” at CES and this is now widely being speculated as none other than the Samsung Galaxy S4. With CES set for 8th January, it comes just two months ahead of when Samsung may supposedly kick off sales of the next-gen Galaxy S phone. So it does tie up well.

A Reuters report had earlier said the development of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 that was dubbed “Project J” was being aimed for an April release.

If all this pans out, then the iPhone 5 may once again see its limelight stolen by the Galaxy S brand, again.

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