Samsung Galaxy S4 May Be More Like iPhone Than S3 Ever Was

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As Samsung were accused of copying the hardware of Apple, something which cost them $1 billion in lawsuits, they are set to make some big changes to their design next year when they will purportedly undergo a brand name transformation.

Could Samsung Galaxy S4 be more iPhone like next year?

The folks over at CultOfMac report that, “Samsung is set to rebrand [the] company to be more Apple-like in 2013.” This was after word had been going around that Samsung will make the big unveil at the CES 2013 and they have been said to have been working alongside a design team who worked for Nike in the past and they are helping to make Samsung’s image more along the lines of Apple’s.

A spoof of the Apple logo with the Samsung name has appeared online, but surely they wouldn’t just copy that, Samsung may surprise everyone and do something unique this time. It is thought that each product category will have their own colours and be linked to the new logo of Samsung.

It is also thought that Samsung will also change their advertising style at the same time and it has been said that they will reflect on lifestyle activities. Staff members at Samsung have been told not to order business cards until January 2013.

Samsung of course have been rumored to unveil the Samsung Galaxy S4 earlier next year i.e. somewhere in Q1 2013. If CultOfMac is dead on and Samsung is trying to rebrand itself to be more “Apple like”, than the Samsung Galaxy S4 may end up looking more like the iPhone than its predecessors ever did. We sure hope COM is wrong, otherwise Samsung better have another $1 billion on the side just in case.

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