Samsung Galaxy S4 (Well That Escalated Quickly)

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It has only been just over a month since Samsung released the Galaxy S3 in the US and now according to The Examiner, details have started to come out about the next generation handset, the Samsung Galaxy S4. It is thought that the Galaxy S4 will be out early next year.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors already begin flying!

The Examiner claims that an industry analyst said that one of the key features of the new handset will be multimedia. More than likely the camera will be 12 megapixels and it will have auto focus and be able to take videos at 1080p resolution. It is thought that the sound will be improved over the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it could even have stereo speakers much like those on the Galaxy Tab.

The screen on the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be slightly larger than that of the S3 which is 4.8 inches. The handset itself would stay the same size and the resolution would be higher, not that its needed.

Scene from Anchorman

Scene from Anchorman

Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy Note 2 later in month so this should set the scene for another battle with Apple, if they release the iPhone 5 around the same time. As for the Samsung Galaxy S4, it is too soon to think about who its rivals will be.


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