Samsung Galaxy S4: Should You Hang Back For It?

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Rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S4 are flying now, with many saying it’ll be out next February. It’s thought the device will have a 5-inch screen, new styling and an improved quad-core chip.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors

The Galaxy S series has been one of the most successful Android groups. Samsung devices tend to have the latest tech, as seen in the S, the S2 and the S3, as well as the Note and the Note 2. So, coming in the wake of these giants, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will really have to justify itself.

Droid-Life reckons that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be 1,080p, and if it is, then it’ll join phones like the HTC DROID DNA, which has a ppi of 440, 2GB of RAM and a Snapdragon S3 chip. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be amazing, in this case. It’s believed that the S4 will be debuted at MWC next year, which gives Samsung enough time to pull a massive and unique rabbit out of its design and display hat.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 1080p display may be allied to a flexible YOUM screen, which would make up for having a lower ppi than the DROID DNA (Droid-Life is betting on the Galaxy S4 having a 400ppi). This tech means that the display can be bent to angles that will be very useful in such a big phone. Samsung has said that it’s going to be making these screens next year, which may well be a big hint about the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 hardware is still mysterious at the moment, but if Samsung is including the new YOUM tech, it’s also likely to update the chip and improve the camera. The Samsung Galaxy S3 camera isn’t as good as the ones in the iPhone 5 and the Nokia Lumia 920, especially in low light, so this is definitely an area that Samsung could work on for next year.

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