Samsung Galaxy S4 Leaked: Is Samsung Trying Too Hard?

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Samsung has always tried to steal a march on the iPhone, but it may have some catching up to do now that the iPhone 5 is out, according to recent Geekbench benchmark tests. Samsung went for Apple with that advert – you know, the 15 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than the iPhone 5 one – and the company may be about to deliver the coup de grace by launching the S4 way ahead of schedule to further put the iPhone 5 behind, says Bostinno.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors already begin, point to Feb 2013 event

It’s rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be out in February 2013, giving Samsung a nice little boost after New Year. There are no specs out yet – or any official word about a release. However web chatter says it’s bound to have an even faster quad-core chip, a 5” Super AMOLED screen and (finally) a better battery. This will dwarf the iPhone 5 4” screen even more, and the faster chip will gain some serious ground. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will have Jelly Bean – or maybe even Android 5.0 depending on what Google has planned for this Christmas.

The legal beef between Apple and Samsung took a real turn when Samsung was ordered to pay out $1 billion for stepping on Apple’s patent toes. Apple’s stock lept up after this, and then the iPhone 5 came out and got more than 2 million pre-orders in 24 hours. Bostinno reckons though that the Samsung Galaxy S4 may be the undoing of the iPhone 5 – the S3 is a strong enough rival already.

Do you think Samsung is trying too hard? Should they space their new models out to a year just like Apple does with its iPhone? Or do you think Apple is too slow to be innovative with their annual cycles?

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