High-Flyer Galaxy S4 (Samsung’s Out To Prove Something Alright)

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With the iPhone 5 having being released by Apple, Samsung may feel as though they have to do one better. Samsung recently sent out an ad telling people 15 ways in which the Samsung Galaxy S3 was better than the iPhone 5. Well that may have just been a speed bump for the iPhone 5 compared to what Samsung supposedly is up to next. The folks over at Bostinno report that they could be about to release the Samsung Galaxy S4 ahead of the planned schedule in the hopes of further dampening sales of the iPhone 5.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors flying high

Rumour has it that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be revealed in February 2013, which would start the New Year off nicely for Samsung. At the moment the specs of the S4 are being kept secret, however there are rumors of the device having a faster quad core than its predecessor and a 5 inch display, along with a larger battery. This would make the display of the iPhone 5 at 4 inches look tiny in comparison. The Samsung Galaxy S4 would have the latest Android OS, Jelly Bean and it could even have Android 5.0, if Google should release it this Christmas.

Samsung may feel they have something to prove to Apple and fans of Android as they recently lost the court battle against Apple for copying patents and had to pay $1 billion. When Apple released the iPhone 5 it sold more than 2 million pre-orders within just 24 hours. While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a strong rival and contender to the iPhone 5, the S4 could blow it out of the water.

So do you think that Samsung is on the right track here or are they trying too hard? Would Samsung Galaxy S3 owners be upset if an S4 rolled out less than a year after the S3?

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