Samsung Galaxy S4: Is It Worth The Wait?

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The rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S4 have been growing very fast, as some people say that the device will be out in February 2013. Rumours have included the handset having a display of 5 inches, a quad core processor and a brand new style.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors sprout

One of the most popular series of Android phones to date has been the Galaxy S series. Devices happen to come with some of the latest in technology from Samsung and this has been seen in the S, S2 and S3, and even lately along with the Note and the Note 2. Coming after these models, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have to have something very special to offer.

Droid-Life has speculated that the Galaxy S4 will take Samsung into the exclusive 1080p club. If they do have a 1080p display on the Samsung Galaxy S4 they will be among others which include the HTC J Butterfly (HTC DROID DNA) with a ppi of 440, 2GB of RAM and a fast Snapdragon S4 processor. This means that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have to be nothing short of spectacular. Rumours has it that the S4 will be revealed at MWC in 2013 and this gives Samsung ample time to come up with something unique to bring along with the best display tech out there at this time.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 may infact have the 1080p display coupled with a YOUM flexible screen. This would more than make up for the lower ppi than the HTC J Butterfly, if the S4 does have 400ppi as DL speculates. The tech would mean that the display could be bent to angles that while not extreme will come in handy given the size of the device. Samsung have already told us that this tech will be in production next year, so they may have dropped a big hint about what we can expect from the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Of course what hardware the device may have still remains a mystery at the moment. However it is thought that if Samsung include the new display technology, they will also upgrade the processor and give the device a better camera. At the moment the Samsung Galaxy S3 camera is not as good as the camera on the iPhone 5 or the Nokia Lumia 920 when it comes to low-light performance, so maybe that’s one angle they can work on too.

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