Samsung Galaxy S4: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

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The rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S4 are getting more intense, with some saying that it may be out in February of 2013 and the device could have a display of 5 inches, quad core processor and styling that has been redesigned from the ground up.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors take center stage

The Galaxy S series of devices is the most popular of the Galaxy brands year after year. The devices always come with the latest of tech that Samsung has to offer. Already we have seen the Galaxy S, S2 and the popular S3, followed by the Note and Note 2. Therefore we already have high hopes with regards to what the Samsung Galaxy S4 could deliver.

According to Droid-Life the new device will allow Samsung to be become a member of the 1080p club. If Samsung do bring out a device with a 1080p display and 400ppi they will be in competition with the HTC J Butterfly. The Butterfly comes with a ppi of 440 and it has the Snapdragon S4 processor along with 2GB of RAM. Therefore Samsung will have to come up with something very spectacular if they are to beat it. It is thought that Samsung may not launch the S4 until MWC 2013, which means they would have time on their side.

It has been rumoured that the S4 display in addition to being 1080p may feature the new YOUM flexible screen. If so this would make up for the lower ppi than the HTC J Butterfly as the screen can bend in some extreme angles. Samsung have said that they will be starting production of this tech next year and so it could be a big hint as to what the display of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be.

When it comes to the hardware and the design of the handset, this is a mystery. However if Samsung do release the S4 with new screen tech and they mix in an upgraded processor, improved styling and a better camera given that the S3 still lags behind the iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920, the S4 will be worth the wait. Do you think you can hang on for another 4 months though?

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