Samsung Galaxy S4: Like a Phoenix Rising From The Ashes

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One thing that was clear following the court case between Apple and Samsung, is that Samsung have to come up with a trade dress, which means they have to have a look of their own. Devices are beginning to take on the same look, which means that consumers have a hard time telling who the handset belongs to. Apple of course are at the front of the smartphone game is this regard as their lawyers prove they had this “look” first with their iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 needs to reinvent the smartphone

When Samsung release the Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 3 or even possibly a Nexus 6 in 2013, these devices will need to have a style of their own that stands out and screams Samsung.

The Judge in the court case, along with the jury, said that Samsung had copied Apple and this means that Samsung will have to go back to the drawing board with the design of new handsets, unless they want to be taken back to court again. And the obvious place to start will be the Samsung Galaxy S4.

There are many options that Samsung could choose to take when it comes to design. They could choose a unique casing or a particular colour or colours to call their own. Apple said that Samsung had copied a total of 13 patents on their devices, and even the Samsung Galaxy S3 infringed on some of these.

One of the patents, or trade dress, of Apple is the D305 patent. This is the grid of squares that is well known and which is featured on a black background, used on the home screens of Apple iOS products like the iPhone 5. Companies who want to incorporate something along similar lines on their devices have to make changes so that it is not the same. For instance the squares could be altered to circles, the flow can be changed, and more.

Samsung needs to work not only on the exterior design of their handsets but also on the user interface, known as TouchWiz, if they wish to put the embarrassment of 2012 behind them next year.

The company should give a lot of thought to reinventing their devices before they release the Samsung Galaxy S4, in much the same way as back in 2007 when Apple released the iPhone and revolutionized the smartphone industry.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the handset that many new devices are currently based on, including the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Premier and the Galaxy S3 Mini. Therefore the Samsung Galaxy S4 should provide consumers with a clear picture of what Galaxy Android handsets will be like in 2013. There has been a rumour going around that Samsung are set to release the Galaxy S4 as early as February of 2013. So let’s hope they have been working hard on their trade dress and this will be a smartphone like no other.

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