Samsung Galaxy S4: Time To Change The Game

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The recent legal battle between Apple and Samsung has demonstrated that Android devices need to develop a trade dress – or “look” – of their own. Smartphones are starting to look so alike that it’s difficult to distinguish one company from another. Pioneers like Apple will always have the upper hand, too, as they adopted that “look” first.

Samsung Galaxy S4 should introduce a unique trade dress in 2013

When 2013 comes in, and Samsung unveils its Galaxy S4, Note 3, Nexus 5, or whatever else they have planned, these phones will have to have their own particular style.

Judge Koh decided that Samsung had infringed Apple’s copyright, so Samsung will have to develop its own wardrobe or Apple will be throwing suits of the wrong kind at it again.

One option is for Samsung to introduce unique casings or colours, or decorations on the phones fronts – whatever….as long as it says “Samsung” and not “Sapple”. Samsung is said to have copied around 13 of Apple’s patents, and it’s these that have caused the wrangling. Even the Samsung Galaxy S3 is embroiled, apparently.

One example of Apple’s trade dress is covered by the D305 patent that relates to that well-known grid of squares on a black backdrop – Apple’s characteristic homescreen. If another company wants to use something similar, it would have to alter it somehow – the squares could become circles, maybe. If Samsung can work on their exterior styling as well as UI (TouchWiz), then the Android crew would be able to strut their stuff and put all this embarrassment behind them.

Samsung needs to think about reinventing the smartphone when the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes out – in the same way Apple did way back in 2007.

At this time the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the mold by which new phones are based off (Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Premier, S3 Mini), so the S4 should give us a clear picture of what Samsung Galaxy Androids will look like on 2013. If rumors serve true, Samsung may be unveiling the Galaxy S4 as early as February of next year.

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