Samsung Galaxy S4: Because Apple Hasn’t Had Enough

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Samsung has always tried to get one over on Apple and its products, and now that the iPhone 5 is out the Korean company has got some serious work to do if recent Geekbench benchmark scores are right. Samsung really attacked Apple with its “15 reasons” ad, and the company may be about to deliver the final blow by launching the Samsung Galaxy S4 ahead of schedule to batter the iPhone 5 next year, reports Bostinno.

Samsung Galaxy S4 release date rumored for Q1 2013

It’s thought that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be out in February next year, which will give Samsung a big leg-up after New Year. There’s no fixed specs or release date yet, but word on the web is that it’ll have a lightning-fast quad-core chip, a 5” Super AMOLED screen and – gasp – a better battery! This phone will make the iPhone 5 look punier – and even smaller in the rear view mirror as the faster chip will leave it way behind. The Samsung Galaxy will have Jelly Bean at least – or maybe even Android 5.0 if Google has it ready by then.

Apple and Samsung’s legal feud got serious when Samsung got told to pay $1 billion for patent infringements. Apple’s stock rose after this ruling, and then the iPhone 5 came out and garnered 2 million pre-orders in 24 hours. Bostinno thinks that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to shake things up with iPhone 5 sales, especially as the S3 is giving it a run for its money already.

If these rumors are true, do you think Samsung is going overboard here? Should the company space out their releases a bit more to avoid oversaturation? Or do you think this should be Apple’s cue to get innovative once again if they wish to keep the iPhone ahead of the pack?

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