Samsung Galaxy S4: Could It Really Be So Fugly?

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Pictures of cases have been posted online that are said to be for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The design shows you the camera is centred on the back, there are also cut outs for the speaker and flash which match the previous design on the phone. You can also see that there is a jack for the headphones at the top right, with the device facing you, there is a rocker volume switch on the left, with a lock switch on the right. Both the lock and the rocker switches do match with the previous design of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

However keep your fingers crossed that this is not the case for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 as it is an ultra-wide rectangular mess.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was designed to fit in the hand perfectly. It came with curves that were slight along with a roundness that was in all the right places, these made the device better to hold than many. This case however suggests a different design.

The cases look as though Samsung have thought that the LG Vu or Intuition was a great design and they have decided to copy it. If these are the cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 then the handset will be wide and it will have been squared off and I for one will not be getting one. Rectangular devices do not feel right in the hand.

Purported Samsung Galaxy S4 case

Purported Samsung Galaxy S4 case

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