CES: Crazy Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumors Proven To Be Very Real

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors had started off many months ago and on the top of the list were some mind-boggling specs that many threw out as being fact.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors not so crazy after all

While we could believe Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors of a 13-megapixel camera, 3GB RAM and 5-inch 1080p display, what we had a tough time swallowing was those of an octa-core chip and flexible screen. Well it looks like Samsung has found a way to prove critics wrong without giving away too much about their flagship devices for 2013.

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 didn’t show up at CES 2013, Samsung did unveil the flexible unbreakable display in a 5-inch protototype smartphone. In addition to this we also saw the Exynos 5 8-core chip which is in fact two quad-core chips in a big.LITTLE setup.

So even though we didn’t see a new Android Galaxy smartphone from Samsung at the event, we got some solid new technology and now hope that they will show this tech incorporated in a smartphone at MWC 2013 sometime next month!

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