Samsung Galaxy S4 Launches Next Month, Sandwich iPhone 5?

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been out 7 months and it is still as popular today. The handset has been a very worthy successor to the Galaxy S2, which is still popular too.

Samsung Galaxy S4 & S3 may sandwich iPhone 5 next year

Samsung are not ones to sit back and relax following a successful launch of products and it looks as though they have been busy and they will be making the announcement of a Samsung Galaxy S4 at the CES trade show, which will be held 8th to 11th January. This of course is speculation at this point so don’t hold your breath.

Samsung have not come out and said anything about the launch. However on their blog, Samsung Tomorrow, they did offer a tease by way of a short video, saying that they were getting ready for the 8th and 11th. This is when the show takes place of course. Samsung are not giving much away right now though.

RedmondPie reports that there has been speculation in the past regarding the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, this came as far back as February this year. However the technology blog has been the largest hint yet that Samsung have something special to announce in 2013.

What the Samsung Galaxy S4 will offer is not known, however some are saying that the device could come with a display that is almost unbreakable. Whatever it is, if the Samsung Galaxy S4 does get announced in January then it and the Samsung Galaxy S3 will sandwich the iPhone 5 which is still trying to catch up to S3’s sales. Of course, Apple could have plans for a successor to the iPhone 5 as well, however whether it will come early as well remains to be seen.

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