Samsung Galaxy S4 In January? Meh..

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 will not be revealed by Samsung at the CES, which takes place in January, reports CNET.

Samsung Galaxy S4 release date not next month

Samsung posted a teaser video on their website about the CES on their blog; however don’t take this to mean that they will reveal the Samsung Galaxy S4 at the CES pointed out the blog. It seems that some news outlets have been jumping to conclusions. Bear in mind that Samsung are still doing very well with the sales of the Galaxy S3 and due to this they will want to wait until the summer before releasing their new Galaxy device.

You should also bear in mind that Samsung is larger than CES in the world of mobiles. They may perhaps show off a new tablet, along with TVs. Their big day for the Samsung Galaxy S4 will then come at their own press event which will perhaps be in April or May.

Given that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still the bestselling smartphone of the year and the recent Jelly Bean and Premium Suite update bringing it a new bag of tricks, Samsung shouldn’t be in any rush with unveiling a successor.

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