Samsung Galaxy S4: Is It Worth The 3 Month Wait?

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The rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S4 are continuing.  Apparently even though the Samsung Galaxy S3 was only released in the summer of 2012, people cannot wait for its successor.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors suggest early reveal

It has been rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have a display of 4.99 inches and it will be 1080p. The S4 is also rumoured to come with a camera of 13 megapixels and it may arrive at the MWC which is around 3 months away (February 2013).

Other speculations include it having the Exynos 5450 processor and if this is true then it will have four A15 Cortex 2GHz cores. This should ensure that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is among the fastest out there. However it would need a solid battery to keep up.

To find out if any of the rumours surrounding the handset are true we will have to wait perhaps until MWC comes around. This is when we could find out about the details of the device, although we might not get to see one in stores for months after.

When the Samsung Galaxy would be available and in our hands is quite difficult to predict. If it were to be unveiled at the MWC then it could ship out at any time during the following few months. The Samsung Galaxy S3 launched in May for instance but it was revealed well after MWC 2012. So if the S4 aims for MWC then we may see it as early as March or April.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best-selling Android smartphone on the market right now and will likely continue to hold its title to the end of the year. However if your contract is not up yet, it may be wise to hang on for a couple of months given that the S4 could now be just around the corner. I’m not saying to hold back just because of the upgraded hardware of course. It is also because Samsung is one of the few really innovative companies out there and hence we may see some never-before-seen features in the S4. Also Samsung gives priority to their newer devices when it comes to issuing timely updates, so getting an S4 would ensure that you continue to get the latest Android updates which Google plan to dish out in 2013.

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