Samsung Galaxy S4 To Dance With The Devil Or Change Name?

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There is not a day goes past that we see new rumours come our way about the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its release. We have heard about new features and availability of the device and now we are hearing that the handset is actually in production, with dates that are said to be when the handset will be revealed and the actual release date.

It was said that Samsung would reveal the handset at the Unpacked event on 22nd March in the US and the release of the device would be 15th April. However now there are reports that say that the event will still take place on the same date, but that the location of it is being kept a closely guarded secret. It appears that the handset could come with the name of the Samsung Galaxy SIV, as number four is an unlucky number in the home land of Samsung. “4” is usually associated with death! The device will also likely be available in black or white when it is released.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is thought to be released at the start of April and the company may send out invitations after MWC finishes later this month. Europe is said to be the first place to get the device and the whole region should get the handset towards the end of the April. The US and Australia could have to wait until May or June before getting the handset.

Official accessories for the handset could be revealed around the middle of April and there are reports that Samsung Display will begin the mass production of the AMOLD displays that are full HD, towards the end of the month. This tech will be one of the biggest selling points of the handset.

The display has been said to be 4.99 inches and the production of these could begin in just six days’ time which would technically put the device in the production cycle already. It is therefore looking as though a release of April may be likely, however this hasn’t been confirmed. If the device is coming out in the UK first then it is possible that the event launch could take place in London, after all this is where the Samsung Galaxy S3 was revealed.

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