Samsung Galaxy S4 Launches 22nd March In Cupertino, US Stores Following Month?

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We didn’t see the Samsung Galaxy S4 at CES and it has been confirmed that it will not show its face at MWC. Instead the word is that it will have an event all of its own at a later date, but when might this be?

Samsung Galaxy S4 release date tipped for Q1

According to the Asian Economic News, Samsung may hold a press event on 22nd March on the doorstep of Apple in the US for the “flagship phone”. This is bound to be an event for the Samsung Galaxy S4 then, isn’t it?

Rumours have said that the device will have a display of 1080p and will be 5 inches. It will have an 8 core processor of 1.8GHz, a camera of 13 megapixels, support LTE and will come with Jelly Bean 4.2.1.

But just what does it mean by holding an event on the doorstep of Apple? Well there is rumour that the event will be held in Cupertino, where the headquarters of Apple are. If not then it will be in California, probably San Francisco or LA. Rumours in the past have said that the handset will be in stores around April and this would tie in nicely if it makes its first appearance in March.

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