Samsung Explains Galaxy S4 Release Date Blunder

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The internet is a great way to spread the word on something very fast, especially if you have thousands of Facebook followers. Samsung Lebanon found this to be true during the past week after replying to a comment made on Facebook regarding the release date for the Samsung Galaxy S4. While the exact release date for the handset wasn’t mentioned, it was said that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would not be out before May of this year.

Samsung Galaxy S4 release date blunder on Facebook

Fans, followers and tech websites jumped on this quickly, leading Samsung Lebanon to say that “What we said is only trivial“.

Most people think that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released after April as this is when the launch of the Galaxy S series of handsets generally happens. However comments such as the one made by Samsung Lebanon are generally given more weight as they come from an official source.

A photo of what is said to be the Samsung Galaxy S4 was posted online on Friday and this caused more debate, with some getting technical when it came to the finer details in the images. Fans of Samsung are at the moment undecided on the authenticity of the photos.

During the last 15 hours Samsung Lebanon have made another statement on their Facebook account. This posting says that:

We as a page have no news on the release of the Galaxy SIV, the info shared was done by mistake.

This tells us that someone opened their mouth without knowing details or they overheard something. So the question is whether the Samsung Facebook pages know more about the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date than fans do. Of course as we come closer to the date for release there is sure to be more photos leaked, but the device will probably not arrive before April.

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