Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Cost You More Than S3 Ever Did But Faster With Android Updates?

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One of the most anticipated handsets, the Samsung Galaxy S4, should be launching this year and there have been a lot of rumours going around about the plans for the handset. The latest of these is that Samsung may update the device quicker; however this could come at the cost of more expense.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors hint at country blocking

Samsung may put into use a new policy for software updates following the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which would give them control over the sales and updates. The rumour is that Samsung want to know how many handsets are being sold in different countries. Of course Samsung are not the most reliable when it comes to handing out updates for their devices.

A report has suggested that Samsung want to know just how many units are being sold in each country and it has been suggested that some retailers will be stopped from selling Samsung handsets, which would put an end to one country selling devices to another. To enforce this it has been said that updates will only happen on devices that were purchased from that country and will not go out to handsets that are from overseas.

This may mean that certain retailers may have to pay out more for the handset and this would reflect on the price that the consumer has to pay as they fall mercy to Samsung’s recommended prices for that region. Samsung send out updates through KIES or OTA, however this could change to updates which are based on IMEI info.

Should this happen you would have to check the IMEI of a device to make sure that it does match the country you live in, if you are buying a second hand Samsung Galaxy S4. At the moment these are only rumours and you do have to take them with a large dose of salt. However if Samsung did come up with a faster way of giving out software updates, without of course alienating consumers, then they would be hailed as heroes.

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