Samsung Galaxy S4 Plus Spotted, Release Date Hinted For Year-End

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 was only made official a couple of weeks ago and it is still a good couple of weeks before it arrives in stores here in the US.

Unfortunately for those hoping to get their hands on one, a recent leak has revealed what is being called the Samsung Galaxy S4 Plus. This is apparently an intermediate upgrade of the Galaxy S4 we saw revealed last month and it is headed our way sometime in the fall.

All these details come via SidhTech who have gotten the picture you see below from “an insider close to Samsung”. We’re not exactly sure why such a clear render is already circulating for the device if it is still a long way from a reveal.

The blog adds that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Plus specs are identical to the S4 but it has more RAM, a higher resolution display and a matte polycarbonate finish. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S4 Plus

Update: Forget about it folks. It’s an April 1st prank by the guys over at SidhTech!

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