Samsung Galaxy S4 Visual Suggests No More Home Button

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One of the must have devices of 2013 will no doubt be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4. There have been numerous rumours of the device having a display of 1080p which is OLED. However at the moment Samsung are not saying anything. The Samsung Galaxy S4 hasn’t been revealed at the CES 2013 up to now, but there has been one rumour about the features of the device and an image has been posted, which is said to be the real deal and revels more details.

Samsung Galaxy S4 pictures allegedly leaked

The event, which is held annually, is going on in Las Vegas at the moment and everyone is hoping that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will make an appearance. Everyone wants to know what the specs of the device will be.

There has been mention of the OLED technology being used. However at the moment this is nothing more than a rumour. One feature of the handset could be an edge-to-edge screen. We thought that this might have been on the Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, however it wasn’t, so perhaps the tech wasn’t ready.

It could be ready now and it may appear on the Samsung Galaxy S4. SamMobile have posted an image online, which they say is the Samsung Galaxy S4. The photo shows a device with an edge to edge display of around 5 inches. So Samsung could have introduced it. One point about the photo is that the device doesn’t have a physical home button. This is something that owners of the previous Samsung Galaxy S phones have pointed out.

If this is the Samsung Galaxy S4 then Samsung will have made use of the virtual home button and this would be a sensible move in 2013 as the focus is on the edge-to-edge screen. Other rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S4 are that it may have the quad core processor from Exynos. There may be a 13 megapixel camera on the back and the device could have 2GB of RAM. The Samsung Galaxy S4 would be shipped out with the very latest Android version, which could be Key Lime Pie, Android 5.0. However if this hasn’t been released then it would be Jelly Bean 4.2.1

Is this the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Is this the Samsung Galaxy S4?

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