[PICS] Samsung Galaxy S4: If This Is It Then I’ll Eat My Hat!

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There was a picture posted that showed the Samsung Galaxy S4 alongside specs. While many tech blogs have been parading it as what the S4 could be,  this is nothing more than a beautiful concept.

The closer we come to the rumoured release date of the device in the spring, the more the rumours start appearing. The leak today has come courtesy of Twitter and we can say that it will not be the actual handset. To reach this conclusion you only have to look at the USB port.

If Samsung had revealed this picture then it must have been made very early on and the graphic artist knew that it would never be seen. Then there is the way the light falls on the device, as the reflections are the same regardless of the fact of whether the handset is upright or laying down. There is a strange glow around the USB port and the front and back shots shows that it is nothing more than a gash that has been cut into the hardware.

If you hold your device in the same position as on the picture the USB port will be visible fron the side and it doesn’t stand out clearly from both sides. The logo of Samsung also looks all wrong as the spacing is too far apart in the letters. The device seems to have three grilles for the speakers on the front, two situated on the bottom and one along the top, which does not make sense at all.

This is a weird Photoshop picture and not only this, the specs are out of place. Samsung are moving away from the Touchviz and are moving onto the Nature UX. The device also appears to show a casing that is metallic, which is not the usual design of Samsung but is rather what fans of the handset might wish for. While we may want the photo to be real it isnt the real thing.

The majority of things that are claimed here to be in the next gen of the Samsung S family are either predicted or they are predictable. More RAM for instance, Gorilla glass and even a display of 5 inches at 1080p.

Of course we cannot expect to see Bluetooth 5 as it doesn’t exist at the moment. This isn’t the Samsung Galaxy S IV, but it is a superb concept.

Samsung Galaxy S4 concept

Samsung Galaxy S4 concept

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