[PICS] What Samsung Galaxy S4 Looks Like With 2 Biggest Flaws Fixed

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A render of what the Samsung Galaxy S4 might look like has surfaced and the concept handset looks very interesting. We’ve always criticized the Samsung Galaxy S3 for its plastic-fantastic cheapo body and the fact that it has a physical home button despite it not being necessary since ICS. So this is one S4 concept that does things right.

Here we are looking at some of the proposed specs of the handset along with seeing the device from different angles. The specs are said to be a 5 inch display, the Exynos 5450 processor and of course it would have Jelly Bean 4.2 installed.

The concept photo of the device shows it has having speakers on the front and metal design, with the usual sensors being where they should be, along with front camera and charging port. The front speakers look pretty decent and the device also has a speaker on the back. Other things worth mentioning is that the handset has a dedicated button for the camera and buttons for the volume rocker and lock.

The render doesn’t match up with the one that was previously leaked, which was the press render. However it does have the pattern of the volume rocker having been moved to the other side of the device. We would say that the previous picture we had seen looks more believable than this. Of course the concept render is more of what we would like the device to look like when it is launched.

Apart from the size of the battery being different here everything else mirrors rumours that we have heard so far. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was said to have a battery of 2600mAh, however this time around it says the battery is 3100mAh. If we had to choose we would like the larger battery. So what do you think about the looks of the handset and what do you think the device will look like when it is revealed?

Samsung Galaxy S4 concept

Samsung Galaxy S4 concept

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