Samsung Galaxy S4 & Note 3: Lighter, Bendier (Rumor)

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The fight for dominance in the smartphone market is on-going and Samsung are pushing tech as they plan to release devices with flexible displays during the first half of next year reports The Wall Street Journal. This immediately puts two devices on the cards – the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung Galaxy S4 & Galaxy Note 3 could introduce flexible displays

They are said to be in the last phase of development and Samsung are keeping quiet about how much they will be investing in the screens.

Samsung make a range of products, along with smartphones and the move by them comes around as they want something that would make their products stand out and boost their margins of profit.

The flexible screens would make use of OLEDs, this is tech that Samsung are currently using in their smartphones. The beauty of OLEDs  is that it is very thin and this means that the technology can be used on any material such as plastic or even foil. The tech allows the use of plastic as opposed to glass which means that the displays will be very durable and light. This tech has been around for many years, however it hasn’t been used thanks to barriers that have been in the way for production. Samsung want to be the first ones to offer the technology.

At the moment Samsung are making glass displays for their Samsung Galaxy S3 phone along with the Galaxy Note 2. Given that switching to OLED will give the successors (Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3) the advantage of a flexible screen and lesser weight, the odds of it happening are high.

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