Samsung Galaxy S4 “Project J” & Note 3 Whispers

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Rumours have come out of Korea about a device called Project J. This could be the code that Galaxy may use for a new Galaxy S handset, the Samsung Galaxy S4 possibly suggests Droid-Life.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Project J & Galaxy Note 2 rumors

Samsung may also reveal the Galaxy Note 3, along with a tablet which is rumoured to be 13.3 inches. There isn’t a lot about the Samsung Galaxy S4 at the moment; however Samsung did keep the lid tight on the Galaxy S3 so that is no surprise.

Samsung are also rumoured to be revealing a new device that takes on the styling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but with a larger 6.3-inch form factor. It is thought that it will not have the stylus and it could be an entry level device with a large screen as its selling point. The S Pen would remain exclusive to the Galaxy Note series.

Last but not least is the rumour that Samsung will be offering a tablet in the 13.3 inch category and this could have a keyboard dock and would take on the Transformer from Asus. The operating system on the device is not known at the moment, however more than likely it will be Android instead of Windows 8.

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