Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4: No More Hand-Me-Downs!

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If the recent court battle between Apple and Samsung has shown us anything it’s that Android must dress up in future and develop their own brand image. At least this is what ZDNET said when they pointed out that smartphones are now starting to look like twins with no proper trade dress from each manufacturer.

Samsung Galaxy S4 should introduce a unique trade dress

When Samsung release a next-generation Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 or even a Nexus 5 next year, these need to have their own trade dress and they should stand different from the iPhone by miles. A judge said that Samsung has broken copyrights of Apple and this means that Samsung will now have to give some thought to their handset designs and have their own look. Samsung may have copied the look of Apple due to iPhones selling well. But now it’s time for Samsung devices to discard the hand-me-downs and wear their own clothes.

Samsung could do this in a variety of ways including having unique colours or casings, using decorations on their faceplates or something else unique that the current Samsung Galaxy range doesn’t have. They need something that immediately says Samsung and not Apple look-a-like. It is thought that in total Samsung may have copied around 13 of Apples patents and this has put a number of their devices in hot water including the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note.

The D305 patent relates to the famous grid of squares that are set against the black background which Apple use for their homescreens and remains true till today in the iPhone 5. This is the trade dress of Apple and others could get away with changing these to circles or changing the grid. If Samsung along with Google are able to dress up then Android handsets would have their own place in the smartphone market and the shame of Samsung may fade away.

Do you think the Samsung Galaxy S4 should reinvent the smartphone just like the original iPhone did 5 years ago?

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