Galaxy S4: Samsung Will Need Creative Designers, Or Lawyers

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Last year’s legal spat between Samsung and Apple has proved that Android needs to get a look of its own. Smartphones are starting to meld into one homogenous look, so it’s hard to tell brands apart. Apple, as pioneers of the smartphone “look” are always going to have the aesthetic and legal advantage.

Samsung Galaxy S4 should introduce a unique trade dress in 2013

So, when Samsung brings out the Galaxy S4, the Note 3 or the Galaxy Nexus 5, these smartphones will have to have their own look.

Judge Koh decided that Samsung had infringed Apple’s copyright, so Samsung will have to develop its own wardrobe or Apple will be throwing suits of the wrong kind at it again.

Samsung could do something like introduce new colours of cases. It doesn’t matter, as long as it looks good and says Samsung rather than Apple. It’s thought that Samsung cribbed 13 of Apple’s patents, and these patents landed the Koreans in hot water, with even the Galaxy S3 involved.

One well known Apple patent is D305 – the famous grid of squares against a black backdrop that we all know so well. If another company wants to adopt a similar design, it’ll have to change it – squares into circles, maybe? Samsung needs to work on its exterior styles as well as its UIs, and if it does, the Androids will no longer be the geeks. They’ll finally cast off their nerd shirts and pens and get funky.

Samsung should reinvent the smartphone so that it causes a similar stir to the first iPhone back in 2007.

If the Galaxy S3 has shown us what the company’s newer phones were to look like, like the Note 2, the S3 Mini, then the Galaxy S4 may give us a foretaste of 2013’s crop. The Samsung Galaxy S4 should be out very soon, apparently.

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