Samsung Galaxy S4 First To Debut With New Logo, Brand Image?

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A report from ChannelNews says that Samsung is about to kill off their blue logo when they rebrand themselves in the New Year.

Samsung Galaxy S4 may roll out alongside new Samsung brand image & logo

The report goes on to explain that Samsung are engaged with teams who are working in brand development and who have worked alongside companies such as Starbucks and Nike. They will create a brand new image for themselves, along with a new logo, and this will be revealed in January at the CES.

It is thought that Samsung will have new colours to represent the brand name, and they will focus on lifestyle activities in advertising. This is something very similar to what Nike did. The whole goal is to change people’s perception of Samsung being an “Asian brand name” and into more of a global tech brand. The same report says that employees at Samsung have been told not to order new business cards until January 2013.

This could mean that one of the first products to get the new Samsung branding could be the Samsung Galaxy S4, if rumours prove true about its launch in the start of the year at CES 2013. At this time nothing much is known about the Samsung Galaxy S4. Speculations point to a 5-inch 1080p display and the usual upgrades of a better processor and more RAM.


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