Samsung Galaxy S4 & S4 Mini Joined At The Hip, Simultaneous Release Dates Tipped

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Samsung already revealed a smaller version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 last year and it seems they could be planning on doing the same when they reveal their next generation handset. Samsung is said to be working on a project with the name of Project X, to launch three handsets and one of these could be a smaller Samsung Galaxy S4.

SamMobile said that this is being called Project J Mini and information has come based on leaks of accessories for devices that are coming out for Samsung.

The handset will have virtually the same accessories as the previous version of the handset, however this handset cannot use the wireless charging dock.

It is thought that the Project J will consist of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Mini, along with a third devices that could be linked to fitness, it could be their version of the iWatch, which has been rumoured from Apple. This has been given the name of the Project J Active and will make use of a band for the arm, a pouch and a bike mount.

Along with having the Project J internal name, it is thought that Samsung have given each of the devices a name. The codename for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is thought to be Altius, while the Mini is said to be Serrano and the fitness device goes by the name of Fortius.

You do have to bear in mind that this info has not come from Samsung, however there is a good chance of it being true as SamMobile do have a mixed record when they predict launches of products. In August they said that Samsung would launch a Windows 8 Phone device, which is known as ATIV S. they were right about the model number along with the processor speed; however they got the display size wrong.

The blog has posted a full list of accessories which may be available for the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the device aimed at fitness; however they failed to say where they had got the information from. The accessories are said to be:

Galaxy S4 – Clear Cover, Flip Cover, Protective Cover, Pouch, Extra Battery Kit, Battery 2600 mAh, Wireless Charging Kit, HDTV Adapter, Headset

Galaxy S4 Mini – Clear Cover, Flip Cover, Protective Cover

Fitness Galaxy Device – Arm Band, Bike Mount, Pouch

It is thought that Samsung could reveal their next generation of Samsung Galaxy S devices at the Unpacked event, which will be held on 15th March. The device may be on sale in April. SamMobile also said that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would launch in Europe along with Asia and then follow on to the US, Australia and Africa in May or June.

There has been many rumours about the upcoming successor to the popular Samsung Galaxy S3 ever since September. One of the most recent of these was that the handset would have a display of 4.99 inches with 1920 x 1080p resolution, it would have the Exynos quad core processor and a camera of 13 megapixels. It has also been said that Samsung will launch new technology by way of gesture based tech.

At the moment all of this has to be taken with a pinch of salt and we will have to see if it comes true and find out if Samsung unveil any of this in March.

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