Samsung Galaxy S4 Leak: Is Sammy Overcompensating?

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Samsung are always trying to get one up on the Apple iPhone and with the Apple iPhone 5 having being on the market for some time they might have to pull their socks up if Geekbench tests are anything to go by. Samsung went for Apple with the advert comparing why the Apple iPhone 5 wasn’t as good as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and if they release the Samsung Galaxy Samsung S3 ahead of the next gen iPhone, this would put them in the lead over Apple.

There is a rumour going around that Samsung may launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 this month and this would be a great start to the year for tech fans. At the moment the specs of the device haven’t been released but rumour has it that the handset could be released with a quad core chip that is faster, a Super AMOLED display of 5 inches and a battery that gives longer life. The Samsung Galaxy S4 may run on Jelly Bean or even Android 5 if it is out.

Samsung and Apple have been in and out of court and things took a turn for the worse for Samsung when they had to pay Apple $1 billion when the court ruled they had trod on the toes of Apple in regards to patents. The stock of Apple went up following then and when the Apple iPhone 5 was released more than 2 million people pre-ordered the device within a period of 24 hours. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been a serious rival to the Apple iPhone 5; however the Samsung Galaxy S4 may see Apple come undone at the seams.

But is Samsung trying too hard and should they release just one device per year as Apple does? On the other hand should Apple reveal more than one handset each year? What do you think?

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