Samsung Galaxy S4 & iPhone 6: The Race Is On

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There have been plenty of rumours going around about Samsung releasing the Galaxy S4 next year at the MWC in February. Some have said that this would be far too soon, however it may turn out that Samsung are not the only ones that plan on having a shorter product cycle for their devices.

Apple may shorten product cycle, launch iPhone 6 early just like Samsung Galaxy S4

Technorati have said that those on Wall Street thought that Apple would release the iPad Mini around 23rd October. However most of them were surprised when Apple chose to launch the iPad 4 too. This came just 8 months after Apple launched the iPad 3. What this means is that they have reduced the product life cycle of the iPad 3 by 38%, from what was an average of 13 months, down to 8 months. This could be just the first sign of what Apple plan for their iPhone.

Apple released the iPhone 5 in September and they could follow this up with the release of the iPhone 6 in June 2013. This would be just 9 months following the release of their iPhone 5, so why might they do this?

Apple would like to get back some of the old magic that has been lost along with the way since they released their first iPhone in 2007. There were some changes with the iPhone 5; however a lot of people believe that they don’t have a lot to gain from upgrading from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5, if they download iOS 6 on their 4S. Fans want something special from Apple if they are to upgrade and a redesigned iPhone 6 could bring back that magic.

Apple launched the iPad 4 and showed just what they could do in a short time span, shorter time to market or TTM. They cut 5 months from the TTM of their iPad and 3 months from the iPhone with the launch of the iPhone 5. Should Apple reveal a new iPhone 6 by June and have the device on the shelves in July, there would then be a 10 month TTM for the iPhone. This should be manageable by Apple and June 2013 would be the perfect time for the launch of the iPhone 6, although Samsung would be ahead with the rumoured launch of their Samsung Galaxy S4.

With Tim Cook now at the forefront of Apple, he said that time is of the essence and one of the scarcest resources and should be managed properly; otherwise nothing else can be managed. Apple may be about to send shockwaves through the market in the middle of 2013, if they do reveal the next generation of the iPhone in summer..

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