Samsung Galaxy S4 & iPhone 6: The Race Is On, Baby!

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You must by now have heard the rumours about a Samsung Galaxy S4 debut at next February’s MWC. If it seems a bit too early, it may be for good reason as there are now talks that Apple is doing the same too.

iPhone 6 could be coming early as well

Technorati tells us that Wall St analysts reckoned on a 23rd Oct iPad Mini reveal. They were very surprised that Apple also launched the iPad 4 on this date, despite the iPad 3 only coming out in March and still selling well. This meant that Apple had slashed the product life cycle for the iPad 3 by 38%, from 13 months to eight. Could this mean that the iPhone now has a shorter cycle? The iPhone 5 came out in September and Technorati thinks Cupertino may unleash the iPhone 6 in June 2013, a mere nine months after the iPhone 5. Why?

The blog goes on to explain that Apple is trying to find its lost mojo and is trying a new MO. The iPhone 5 is a great phone, but a lot of 4S owners have an almost equal phone if they upgrade to iOS 6. Apple fans want to be blown away by the iPhone, like they were in 2007. Apple also wants to be seen as a market leader and innovator, rather than a catcher-upper. Samsung is doing well in the smartphone market, with their market share for Q2 of 2012 being 64% to Apple’s 18.8%. Apple needs to get busy to get itself to the top again, and the iPhone 6 might be the gadget to do it.

When Apple unveiled the iPad 4, it demonstrated what it could do in a shorter time to market (TTM). This device cut five months from the TTM of the iPad series. Likewise, the iPhone 5 launch cut three months from the TTM of the iPhone. If Apple gets the iPhone 6 out in June, it’ll be 10 months TTM, which is do-able. June 2013 is also the time of WWDC, but still a bit later than the rumored ETA of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (February – March).

Now that Tim Cook is running Apple, we should see things speed up, as he says time is a very scarce resource and proper time management is crucial to success. If Apple can get the iPhone 6 out next June, it’ll manage to get the smartphone world going good and proper.  Otherwise we may see the Samsung Galaxy S4 have a larger time in the limelight in 2013, and we’ve seen what that did this year when the Galaxy S3 managed to beat the iPhone 4S as the best-selling smartphone of 2012. If the iPhone 5 were to have arrived earlier this year, the S4 would not have had such a big window.


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