Huge Samsung Galaxy S4 Unit Production May Bottleneck iPhone 6 [REPORT]

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The Samsung Unpacked even is coming ever closer as it is held in March. Due to this rumours and leaks regarding the Samsung Galaxy S4 are appearing more with each day. it is thought that the device is to be announced at this event and it may be on the shelves around late March or April. Today we are hearing about a huge production unit for the device, which could have an effect on the Apple iPhone 6 production.

Earlier in the month it was said that Samsung were setting high target sales for the handset, around 100 million of them. While this sounds a lot you have to take into account that the Samsung Galaxy S sold 20 million units, the Samsung Galaxy S2 sold 40 million, while the current Samsung Galaxy S3 has sold around 40 million, up to the middle of January. So it seems that Samsung think they can sell double the amount with their next device.

Analyst Peter Misek said that Samsung could produce around 100 million Samsung Galaxy S4 devices. However it is thought that this could impact the production of the next iPhone from Apple. The analyst said that some component suppliers will be in such demand by Samsung that they could have to reallocate the sources and some of these would have been used by Apple.

So it seems that demand for the Samsung handset could have a negative impact on the production of the next iPhone, possibly the iPhone 5S or even the iPhone 6. Has the Samsung Galaxy S4 is thought to be coming out before the release of the iPhone. This could prove to be very interesting.

There have been some leaked documents of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and these have shown specs for the phone, of course at the moment these are only rumours. So do you think Samsung will be able to sell the amount of devices they believe they can?

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