Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 6: The Winner Has Been Pre-decided… By You

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Today buyers of smartphones are often led by the reputation of the manufacturer. This is even more so when you are considering a device at the higher end of the smartphone market. These people base this on reputations of devices which include the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. Many people will simply update their handset in line rather than take a look at other phone makers and their OS. When the Samsung Galaxy S4 along with the Apple iPhone 6 is revealed people will flock to buy them.

Of course there is nothing to say that the devices will be launched with these names.

It is thought that the Samsung Galaxy S4 may come out at the MWC which takes place on 25th February and the handset could be in the stores by spring.

Fans of Apple were surprised when the Apple iPad was released just months following the Apple iPad 3. Many are now saying that Apple could reveal the Apple iPhone 6 before September comes around and it could be here by June at the WWDC.

Apple revealed the Apple iPhone 5, the iPad 4, the Apple iPad Mini, the iMac 013 and the MacBook Pro 13 inch during the second half of the year, they could therefore pace themselves in order for the devices to get their fair share of limelight.

Samsung could develop their own sense of style in 2013 and they would then stand out as being unique. Samsung has beaten Apple for innovation and tech and if they get their own trade dress then they will emerge as the winners.

Apple is far from over though as they have their own fans. However the Galaxy line-up of devices is catching them up. Recently asked their legion of 22,000 Facebook users whether they would choose the Apple iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the majority of them said that it would be the Samsung Galaxy S4. They were going just on the reputation of Samsung as they had no idea what the handset would look like, nor what it would come with. Apple do have what is termed a cult following and they have never been a fan of numbers and specs. Samsung on the other hand brag about these to get people interested.

It doesn’t matter which of the devices seems the best on paper, customers will have made up their own minds just based on the OS and the reputation of the device maker.

Most buyers will buy on reputation alone when considering which handset to choose.

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