Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5: Samsung Ready To Rumble In March!

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Samsung are working double time on the Galaxy S4 to get it launched in February at the Mobile World Congress reports AndroidAndMe. According to the source, the design featuring the rounded corners will not change but the size may alter and the handset will have a screen of up to 5 inches.

Samsung Galaxy S4 to take on iPhone 5 as early as February 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will have the Exynos quad core processor and LTE support. This means that Samsung would be able to launch one global handset that would work in Europe, Asia and North America. The device will be on shelves one month after Samsung reveal it which would result in a turnaround of just 9 months following the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Some are saying that Samsung could try the same stunt as Motorola and the new Galaxy S4 would be the same size or smaller, yet with a larger display. Samsung have already said that the design will not change much reports the Korea Times, so a 9 month turnaround is possible and would mean that Samsung would have more opportunity to try and take market share away from Apple.

So could the Galaxy S4 help Samsung to remain at the top of the game or could the iPhone 5 hold its ground better than the iPhone 4S could when the S3 has come rolling along? If these reports serve true, we will be seeing a new Galaxy S3 phone in under 6 months.

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