Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC M7: Revenge Is Sweet

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the Samsung GalaxyS3 blew the HTC One X clean out of the water last year when it cameto sales. One of the main reasons for this wasn’t down to hardware as the HTC One X matches up to the Samsung Galaxy S3 very well as it offers a camera that is better, a display of 4.7 inches and a superb design.

The HTC M7 should be able to match up to the Samsung Galaxy S4 for hardware, as the devices will have displays that are similar and which have a resolution of 1080p and large ppi. They should both have processors that are quad core.

It has been said that the HTC M7 will have a 4.3 Ultrapixel camera, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have a camera of 13 megapixels. Both of the handsets are thought to be coming with improved batteries.

So when it comes to hardware it might come down to the smaller advantages, such as the micro SD card slot or a removable battery on the Samsung Galaxy S4. However the HTC M7 is thought to be on a level with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

One of the main issues for the HTC One X in the US last year was that the device was only available on the AT&T LTE. The Samsung Galaxy S4 came out on all the big carriers in the US.

This meant that the HTC One X had a disadvantage when it came to sales and it was limited to those with AT&T. Customers want choice with devices for carriers.

This is set to change with the HTC M7 as the handset is coming to AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile and it will be on Verizon later in the year.

It has been said that the HTC M7 will come out on 19 th February, which would be in front of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is thought to be heading our way around 15 th to 22 nd of March. The HTC M7 could be out in stores in March, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be out in April and possibly May or June in the US.

This means that the HTC M7 has the advantage as customers who want to update their handset may choose the HTC M7. A lot of owners of the VerizoniPhone4 along with the HTC Thunderbolt in the US and Samsung Galaxy S2 owners abroad will be finishing their contracts in just a few weeks time.

However just because the Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t be here, it doesn’t mean that it will be forgotten and manypeople will want to wait to find out what the next generation device offers.

The Samsung GalaxyS3 has been a success thanks to the marketing campaigns and so there willbe a lot of interest in the Samsung Galaxy S4. There is no reason to doubt that the device will not be as popular as the Samsung Galaxy S3 last year.

If the device is not Nexus then it will not have Pure Android as phone makers put their own UI on top of Android. Some put a heavy layer on top while others keepit to the minimum.

HTC along with Samsung come in between. HTC use HTC Sense which you either love or hate. HTC have been slimming down the UI and HTC Sense 4+ is the best to date.

The HTC M7 will perhaps have Sense 5 on it and this could look like tiles on a Windows Phone 8 handset.

Samsung on the other hand have beefed up their TouchWiz interface and they really don’t have to push the fact that the device is powered by Android.

The Samsung GalaxyS3 has Nature UX over Android and it comes with the Premium Suite with Jelly Bean 4.1.2 which brings the Multi-view window.

We don’t know what will be on the Samsung Galaxy S4 but it could be a newer TouchWiz, possibly Nature UX 2.0.

The HTC M7 could come with software that might overwhelm the average user and it may not appeal to those who like vanilla Android.

As there are other options on the market, including the LG Nexus 4, the UI does have to appeal to consumers if the handset is to be a success. Whether the HTC Sense 5 will do this is unclear.

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