Samsung Galaxy S4 Headed To US But Not HTC M7, New Intel Suggests Europe Launch Instead

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There have been rumours going around that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would launch on the “doorsteps of Apple”, which led many to believe that it would be launched in the US instead of Europe at MWC.

Samsung Galaxy S4 & HTC M7 launch venues on opposite ends of globe

If this rumour proves to be true then the Samsung Galaxy S4 could launch at an event that was dedicated to it in March in the US (Mobile Unpacked). This would be superb as it would probably arrive in stores in the US in a timely fashion as opposed to being the last as happened with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

However one of its devices biggest threats on Android, the HTC M7, may launch in Europe now at an event on 19th February in London. If this proves to be true then the handset would have a head start over the Samsung Galaxy S4, whose release date remains uncertain at this moment.

The HTC M7 intel comes from a supposed insider source all the way in Europe and was delivered via a tweet earlier this morning (see below).

HTC M7 tweet

HTC M7 tweet

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