Samsung Galaxy S4 Killer Feature May Be YOUM Technology

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Samsung are one of the players in the dominance for smartphone supremacy and they will want to keep ahead. This can especially be said about their Galaxy  series, with rumors suggesting that we will see a Samsung Galaxy S4 launched at MWC in February-March of next year, followed by a release a couple of weeks/months later depending on region.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors

WSJ reports that Samsung is said to be going into production of flexible YOUM displays that make use of plastic as opposed to glass. This is said to be a move that will ensure that their devices are lighter, bendable and unbreakable.

The display unit, Samsung Display Co, is in the very last phase of the development of flexible screens for handsets and it is thought that they will be released before the first half of 2013, which ties in well with the Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors.

Samsung Electronics make a range of products which includes TVs and phones and which bring together LCD display and organic light emitting diodes, in the form of Samsung Display.

The flexible screens of Samsung will make use of OLED tech that they are already using in their TV sets and phones. These are very thin and may be used on plastic, metal foil or glass. When they use plastic the display then becomes lighter and it is more flexible. They have been under development for many years and Sony has already brought out prototypes.

Samsung will be pushing hard to be the first to bring the tech to the market as other makers of displays work on different display technology. Sharp and LG are selling LCD displays which have been used in the iPhone 5.

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