Samsung Galaxy S4 & Its Extra Appendix

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Samsung, thanks to its range of smartphones, have been stealing the spotlight from Apple. When the Samsung Galaxy S3 was revealed the popularity of the Apple iPhone went on the decline, this was seen when the device took the best-selling spot from the Apple iPhone 4S.

Samsung Galaxy S4 & its unnecessary physical home button rumors

The Samsung Galaxy S range of devices is not perfect by a long shot and there are some fans that would like to see changes from Samsung when they release their next generation device, the Samsung Galaxy S4. One of the main things they want to see changed is the home button; actually some people want that “extra appendix” gone. This has been a feature of the device that has been there since the first Galaxy S was released. But would you want the home button to be on the new handset or would you like Samsung to ditch it in favour of virtual buttons which is the trend of Android phones since Ice Cream Sandwich?

Perhaps the wait to find out will not be too long, providing that Samsung keep to their release schedule, if so we could see the device released in May of this year. Fans of Samsung hope that the home button will have gone as they would rather use the features of Android 4.1 and its software buttons. If the Samsung Galaxy S4 came with a screen that was edge to edge, this would be great.

However there are others that want to keep the physical home buttons as they say that they give the handset something unique. These people don’t like the virtual buttons on the bottom of the device.

If it was left to Google then the physical buttons may disappear from Android handsets. Google are known to enjoy uniformity, and thanks to Jelly Bean software buttons would be the answer. There have been rumours of wrap around displays and if these are true and we have software buttons, then even more real estate would be needed on the display. This could be some time off though and it may not happen with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Some people thought that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be seen at the CES, however this wasn’t so. Samsung did reveal an Easter Egg though and this was in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S4 having a display that is 1080p.

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