Samsung Galaxy S4 Hits Benchmarks, Nukes Rivals [LEAK]

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The rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S4 are stronger than ever right now and Samsung could have provided us with the first official movement this week.

Samsung Galaxy S4 purportedly spotted in benchmarks

There have been rumours of the specs of the device for many weeks now and at last there has been a sighting, potentially, of the device in the form of the GT-I9400 in benchmark tests.

Earlier this week there were reports of production problems for the display of the Samsung Galaxy S4. It is thought that Samsung are in the middle of making displays of 5 inches which have 441ppi and which are based around OLED technology.

Details have been coming in of flexible displays and no doubt these will be head turners if they show up at the CES or MWC. With screen issues put to one side Samsung seem to have started tests on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with the model number of GT-I9300, also is seems that they were testing this on open benchmarks before the release, which means that Samsung could be following the same pattern with their Galaxy S4 GT-I9400.

Alongside the impressive benchmark results, there are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will come with a 8 core (4×4) setup, but this is something that is still doubtful. There were some anomalies in the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S4 such as the GPU and display figures on the benchmarks but given the obvious model number used, Product-Reviews claims that the discrepancies may just be Samsung’s way of trying to cover up its tracks.

Samsung Galaxy S4 benchmarks?

Samsung Galaxy S4 benchmarks?

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