Samsung Galaxy S4: As Real As It Gets (Video)

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It may be shocking to know that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is 8 months old now. Revealed back in April of 2012, we are now supposedly just another 4 months away from its successor’s debut.

Samsung Galaxy S4 release date may be 4 months away, new concept video

The folks over at Enuri have taken Samsung’s statement about announcing the Galaxy S4 closer to its official release date instead of CES, as saying that everything should go down in April. With that said, there are rumors already going around about what we can expect to see.

If the rumored specs do come to fruition, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will boast a 5-inch 1080p display, 8-core processor (two sets of quad-core processors), 13MP rear camera and an S-Pen in the box.

Specs aside, there is now a video circulating around YouTube that is a rendering of what the Samsung Galaxy S4 could look like. Now this is a top notch rendering and it looks almost real. With over 1.5 million views already, if you’re a Samsung Galaxy fan you’ll want to check it out (below).

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