Samsung Galaxy S4: Last-Minute Touches Or Rush Job?

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The Samsung Unpacked event is to take place on 15th March and we have been hearing more leaks about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 which is said to be the S IV. Rumours say that the handset could come out as early as April and specs have been leaked, but not confirmed. Today there is news that the device could have undergone some last minute changes.

Within the last few days there has been a rumour about floating touch tech for the device and there has been some photos taken with the handset. Other rumours include the fact that the handset may have the 2GHz Exynos 5 Octa processor, a display of 4.99 inches which is full HD, 2GB of RAM, a battery of 3100mAh, wireless charging and Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1. However some people are hoping that the OS will be Key Lime Pie. Recent benchmark tests have pointed towards the device having a Qualcomm processor and this has raised a lot of interest.

If you have a good memory you might remember that there was talk about the Samsung Galaxy S4 having the S Pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note. However these rumours have been quashed and it has now been said that it will not have the S Pen stylus.

There have also been rumours about the home button of the device with some people saying that Samsung will be getting rid of this; however it is now thought that it will remain. However it may be dropped further down the line. It has also been said that mass production of the device will start in March and the handset could be released in April.

At the moment none of this can be verified and so we will have to wait until March to find out what happens. Did you hope that the S Pen would be featured on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and would like to keep the home button or see it disappear?

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