Samsung Galaxy S4: One Giant Leap For Smartphones

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The court case between Samsung and Apple made one thing very clear and that was that Samsung had to come up with a trade dress all of their own. As handsets are starting to look identical, consumers have a hard time telling them apart. Apple are ahead in this respect as they have a look all of their own. This led to a court saying that Samsung had copied patents.

When Samsung release their Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 they have to make them stand out.

In court the judge said that Samsung copied Apple and so Samsung need to go back and design their devices from scratch. The most obvious device to start with is the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung have many choices, they could have a casing that was unique, colours or patterns to call their own. Samsung was said to have copied 13 patents of Apple. One of which was the trade dress, the S305 patent. To you and me this is the famous black background with squares of icons on the Apple iPhone 5 and other iOS devices. If companies want to use something similar then they would have to makes changes. They could make circles instead of squares or alter the flow.

The exterior is not the only thing that Samsung should change. They should also make changes to TouchWiz if they want to get ahead in 2013. They will have to reinvent themselves much as Apple did when they introduced their first handset in 2007.

At the moment the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the device by which others follow, such as the Galaxy Note 2, the Galaxy Premier and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Customers need to have a clear picture of what Galaxy Android devices look like this year. It was rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be coming out in February of 2013, however if it is then it doesn’t have long left and let’s hope that it is all dressed up.

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