Xperia Z vs Galaxy S3 & DROID DNA: Old Dogs vs New Hotness

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The latest flagship device from Sony is the Sony Xperia Z and it provides users with the superphone experience. Of course when it comes to track records, Sony is not the best company. They have not sent out hardware that is awful, but then they haven’t managed to reach the coveted number one spot. However Sony hopes that this will all change with the Sony Xperia Z.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z & HTC DROID DNA

Sony wants a real go at competing with Android handsets, however they will have to go up against some of the most established devices on the market. This is in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC Droid DNA, with its high-def display. So just how will the flagship device from Sony do against its peers, especially the reliable Samsung Galaxy S3 which has stood at the top spot for so long?

The Sony Xperia Z does stack up well when you take a look at the specs. In some cases it comes out ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S3; however the Samsung Galaxy S3 is showing its age now in the tech world. The Sony Xperia Z also matches up to the HTC Droid DNA in regards to the quad core processor and the display, which is high resolution. In regards to the battery life and camera, the Sony Xperia Z is in front. You can expect this with the camera thanks to Sony focusing on photography. However a better camera, along with great battery life does not blow all the competition away. Whether the handset will let Sony take the lead over Android handsets on the market remains to be seen. What is certain is that this is the best Xperia handset we’ve seen to date and will no doubt have better chances than its predecessors ever did.

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