Samsung Galaxy S3 Last In Its Bloodline, End Of Best Android Series Of All Time?

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A report by CNet is saying that the new CEO, Kwon Oh-hyun, of Samsung hinted at stopping use of the Android OS on their devices. It’s common knowledge that Samsung have longed to create the ultimate combination of hardware and software with its Bada OS, but they have stuck with Android this long to avoid losing customers as they know Android is bringing them in.

Samsung Galaxy S3 runs Android but same may not be certain for Galaxy S4

Roger Cheng for CNet discusses Kwon’s inaugural speech where he stated that Samsung needed to improve their software capabilities, along with their design and user experience. The speech was outlined in the Wall Street Journal, and the indication is that Samsung feel they lack control by using another company’s OS, giving them power to update it whenever they like, and also to give them something different to all the other Android devices on the market.

Apple have this integration successfully on their devices, but a number of companies have tried the same thing with less successful results, such as Palm which fell flat, RIM using BlackBerry OS which is struggling, and Nokia who ended up using the MS Windows Phone OS.

Samsung are clearly feeling pushed to be more innovative now that Google own Motorola Mobility and are an additional competitor for them on the Android market, though CNet did report that “Samsung has said it is looking forward to the legal cover Motorola would bring to the Android community.” Then again, this is just their public statement and behind closed doors they do feel that the new Motorola/Google devices will be challenging to compete with and differentiate from.

It’s yet to be seen whether a Samsung own-brand OS would be positive, as people do tend to like a “stock” experience, particularly Android users. It would however give Samsung something different to offer, and they are currently successful enough to pull it off, with their recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and their phablet the Note.

Personally, I hope Samsung sticks with Android and gives us a Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 2 and other great successors to their already legendary lineup.


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